gerardgogginlowerresDisability and Digital Technology: Accessible design, Global media policy, and human rights is the Australian Research Council Future Fellow funded project for Professor Gerard Goggin.

Technology is now central to social participation in everyday life, especially for people with disabilities. Adopting a media, cultural, and human rights approach, the project investigates the development, design and policy processes and challenges in making digital technology accessible for all. In particular, it focusses on the new technology-centred provisions in the United Nations’s Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and explores their potential in accessibility of crucial technologies, including smartphones and tablets, broadband and next generation networks, and electronic reading technologies. Thus, the project aims to:

  • construct a theory of disability and technology, especially pertaining to digital technology;
  • explore the conceptualisation and activation of disability dimensions of human rights in relation to digital technologies and their cultural contexts;
  • analyse development of accessible design in key digital media technologies;
  • study the implementation of the technology provisions of the CRPD, and investigate the interaction internationally between disability and accessibility specific and general media policy frameworks;
  • provide a framework for understanding social justice and human rights in relation to digital technology, building on the example of disability;¬†build capacity for research and policy in the achievement of accessibility in digital technology.

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